969 Prototype [NFSHP2]


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    969 Prototype [NFSHP2]

    Post by Insanity

    Official Colours & HP Skin:

    And a bonus addition inside the ZIP, an edited car.ini with a higher price.

    1988 Porsche 969 Prototype.

    Model by Team RSR from NFSHS.
    Exclusive NFSHP2 conversion by Dark Ritual.

    *Three official colours. - Grey / Black / Red.
    *HP skin is now Blue.
    *Cop skin. - FULLY playable.
    *Proper placement of wheels, lights.
    *Damage. - Hood, Trunk, Front Fenders etc.
    *New performance files.
    *Bonus addition: Custom car price.
    (Stock version costs 200,000)
    (HP version costs 225,000)

    Some notes:

    *Performance may NOT be the same as in reality, due
    to lack of specifications of this car.

    *Damage may look wierd, as NFSHP2 uses seperate parts
    for it.

    *At further view distance, the car disappears. This
    is because i did NOT create a LOD for the body.


    *Team RSR for the model + permission to convert.
    *Freak-DS for pointing out flaws and giving some tips
    on texturing. Also beta-testing. very happy

    and peeps over at my thread, i appreciate all your support!


    Beforehand, PLEASE, PLEASE, backup your original files!

    Inside this zip file you should see a "Cars" folder and a "Save Test"

    The "Cars" folder has a "car.ini" and a directory called "911t". Place the
    "911t" folder, overwrite the existing one. You can also choose to replace
    any other folders, just remember to rename it similiarly to another folder.

    The file, "car.ini" is optional. If you want a more realistic price
    for the 969, simply place it in the "Cars" folder. Also, use the save
    I included if you wanna test that it really works. Copy it to your NFSHP2 saves


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    Post on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:45 am by Gamer boy

    mm, i don't play NFS:HP2 but your work is really appreciateable Smile

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