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    Nissan 370Z Empty Nissan 370Z

    Post by Tails

    Nissan 370Z 93f0a978-060f-4cbf-a225-40d8e9602f76 Nissan 370Z A35d0e17-d47c-448f-b6fc-6b9eac1c19ec Nissan 370Z C1ec69ce-e957-4da9-96df-10378fbd0fbc
    Car converted by Tails_16v
    Type of mod: Car
    Model: Nissan 370Z
    Replaces: 350Z
    Known bugs: No exhaust flame.

    Car can be customized with:
    -front bumper (some of them)
    -rear bumper (some of them)
    -side skirts (some of them)
    -spoilers (some of them)
    -hoods (some of them)
    -window tints
    -some other bits

    Electronic Arts - Model + textures (Shift Demo)
    nfsu360 - Mod Tools

    How to install the mod:
    1. Back up all original files!
    2. Replace original textures and geometry with those from package. Just copy them to
    CARS/350Z folder.
    3. Download NFS-TexEd-0.9.1 and replace texture #336 in FRONTEND/FrontB.lzc with
    the one from package.
    4. Install wheel position with NFS-CfgInstaller which you can find in Config folder.
    5. Replace some custom vinyls with the converted Shift liveries from Vinyls folder.
    6. Open the game and enjoy your Zed!

    Extra notes:
    I've added a Debug.tga file so you can create your own vinyls.

    Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but
    not upload any part of this mod.

    Download from

    Nissan 370Z Image
    My conversions on - Tails on deviantART
    "As long as it's not free, it's too expensive."
    Nissan 370Z Bronzeb Nissan 370Z Silvergm
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