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    Lotus Elise GT1 Empty Lotus Elise GT1

    Post by Excelerate

    Lotus Elise GT1 04fab1122594471 Lotus Elise GT1 A156b6122594489 Lotus Elise GT1 6d1b74122594502 Lotus Elise GT1 4e1c90122594514 Lotus Elise GT1 47829f122594530 Lotus Elise GT1 178184122594540 Lotus Elise GT1 C25837122594553 Lotus Elise GT1 233e8a122594562 Lotus Elise GT1 Dfe096122594574 Lotus Elise GT1 70d55a122594590 Lotus Elise GT1 2e8e0c122594613 Lotus Elise GT1 1cfe97122594639 Lotus Elise GT1 A6b05e122594652

    ***********Lotus Elise GT1************


    **Original model & liveries of bodykits 1,2,3 & 6 by FIA GT '97 mod team and liveries of bodykits 4,5,'Livery2','Livery3','Livery4' by fisheracing & 'Livery1' by RMT

    **Converted by MadJack(aka Excelerate) with permission

    **Performance Data by 3ni_2nr (aka ken_block)

    ************Audi A3*************


    1:>Copy modloader & d3d9.dll to your NFS9:MW directory

    2:>Make a new folder named ADDONS in your NFS9:MW directory

    3:>In the ADDONS folder again make 2 new folders named CARS_REPLACE & FRONTEND

    4:>Copy the folder A3 inside the CARS_REPLACE folder.

    5:>In the FRONTEND,make a new folder named MANUFACTURERS & copy 69-LOTUS inside it

    6:>Create a shortcut of Speed.exe which is inside the directory where you have installed NFS9:MW. Right click on the shortcut & click on Properties. Then in the target box add '-mod' at the end without commas & leave a space between it & speed.exe. Then click on Apply & OK.

    7:>To change the stock rim paint replace the existing GEOMETRY & TEXTURES .bin files in ADDONS\CARS_REPLACE\A3 folder by the .bin files from any of the folders named 'Rim_Silver_Matte','Rim_Silver_Chrome','Rim_Yellow_Matte','Rim_Yellow_Chrome','Rim_White_Chrome' & 'Rim_White_Matte'

    8:>To change the body paints or to apply other liveries just open the BinTex (you can get BinTex from Arushan's mod tools),open the TEXTURES .bin file in it,import the DirectDRAW Surface Images 1 & 2;3 & 4;5 & 6;7 & 8 in the corresponding places A3_RIM_BLUR & A3_BADGING;A3_BADGING_EU & A3_KIT00_BRAKELIGHT_ON;A3_MISC & A3_MISC_N;A3_SIDELIGHT & A3_KIT00_BRAKELIGHT_OFF;A3_KIT00_HEADLIGHT_ON & A3_KIT00_HEADLIGHT_OFF respectively from their corresponding folders & then save as it in the name TEXTURES & copy-paste it in ADDONS\CARS_REPLACE\A3 folder & don't forget to make back up of the previous TEXTURES .bin file.You may need it later


    -Body Kits: YES (Can be customized with six bodykits including stock)
    -Spoilers: NO (Only stock spoilers associated with bodykits)
    -Rims: YES (Can be customized with all of the customizable rims)
    -Hoods: NO (Only stock hoods associated with bodykits)
    -Roof Scoops: NO (Only stock roof scoops associated with bodykits)

    -Almost 98% realistic performance with stock part & improved performance with ultimate & junkman parts

    -Paint: NO (Only paints associated with bodykits)
    -Vinyls: NO (Only vinyls associated with bodykits)
    -Rim Paint: YES (Can be customized with customizable rims only)
    -Window Tint: YES (Can be customized with all of the customizable window tints)
    -Decals: NO (Only decals associated with bodykits)
    -Numbers: NO (Only numbers associated with bodykits)
    -Custom Gauges: YES (Can be customized with all of the customizable custom gauges)


    I have fixed more than 20 bugs.So,I hope there is no more.But if you notice please email me


    Email me only if:-
    -You have problem in installing this car & liveries
    -You noticed any bug in this car
    -You have other complaints
    -You want to request me to convert a certain car (But you have to send the model & textures of that car to me.If like it only then I will convert it otherwise not)
    -You have found this car uploaded to any website without my & other authors' names or with any modification of the model & texture to any Need for Speed game

    Do not email me if:-
    -You want this car to replace another car


    I have invested a huge amount of time & patience in fixing bugs & converting this car to NFS:MW.You can't even imagine it.This conversion is equivalent to 10 conversions to NFS:MW.
    So please respect my work.Don't steal & make duplicate copies of this car.

    By downloading this car, you have agreed to the following:-
    1:>You are not allowed to use any part of this car without my permission
    2:>You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this car to other games without my permission.
    3:>You are free to upload this car to any website provided that the files, authors & screenshots remain same


    -MadJack for making front window decals;fixing rims,speedline logo to rims,michelin logo to tires,adding wiper to front window;fixing the brakes & reverse light bugs with bodykits 4,5 & all of the other liveries;fixing interior rollcages,steering & driver mesh & their postions,ride height,wheel & brake positoins,license plate,headlights,brakelights & reverse lights,exhausts,for the conversion & lot of others which I forgot to mention here

    -3ni_2nr (aka ken_block): for making performance data

    -FIA GT '97 mod team: for the model,textures(including liveries) of this great car

    -fisheracing: for the liveries

    -RMT: for livery1

    -Alless: for giving me the permission to convert this car

    -MostEdwardo1: for providing me the brembo brakes,brake discs (which I use for this conversion) & wheel (which I didn't use,sorry MostEdwardo for this..please don't mind) and telling me how to delete body parts from Zmodeler2

    -Stevo Blazevski: for providing me the textures(liveries) associated with bodykits 2 & 3

    -F.R: for telling me how to extract edge free mesh from GTR2 & sending me the link of license plate

    -Alexsfr: for providing me the Geomvewier

    -Ark-X Stylizer

    -Arushan: for his mod tools & tutorials

    -Oleg: for his Zmodeler1 & 2

    -EA: for the Great game Need for Speed Most Wanted


    2:>Zmodeler v1.07b & v2.0.9
    3:>NFS Mod Tools
    4:>Adobe Photoshop CS v8.0
    5:>MS Paint
    6:>DDS Converter 2

    Well enough said.Thank you for reading this long script.Think you got bored.So why are you waiting.Just download & install this car and also don't forget to rate....

    ENJOY & HAVE A FUN.........

    Made back in 2009

    Download Links:-
    * GameFront: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20072352/1238032488-Lotus-Elise-GT1.zip
    * MegaUpload: megaupload.com TMM3R2DJ
    * MediaFire: mediafire.com ?ya4k1gcorbf4ao5

    Password: RacingDivision

    Lotus Elise GT1 510

    Lotus Elise GT1 Bronze0 Lotus Elise GT1 Bronzen.th Lotus Elise GT1 Bronzef Lotus Elise GT1 Silverhands
    I know what you did there... I'll kick your a** next time potatoman grin
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