1996 Ferrari F50 GT [NFSHP2]


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    1996 Ferrari F50 GT [NFSHP2]

    Post by Insanity

    1996 Ferrari F50 GT

    Here comes the limited production Ferrari, which only produced THREE Chassis of it, the F50 GT.

    *Three iriginal colors off EA's F50, 1 Modified Color (Blu)
    *Gun Grey Metallic as NFS Skin
    *NO Cop.
    *NO Damage.
    *Realistic Performance. (352 km/h on Stock, 399 km/h on NFS)
    *Proper placement/detachment/ride height.
    *Ferrari manufacturer logo. (OPTIONAL)
    *F50 GT logo. (OPTIONAL)

    Install the car by copying the whole of "Cars" folder to C:/Program Files/EA Games/NFSHP2 or wherever your NFSHP2 folder is at.

    To install the manufacturer and showroom logos, you need VIVMagic and FSHTool.

    *Open up VIVMagic.
    *Click "Unpack".
    *Now unpack "GUIart.viv", from C:/Program Files/EA Games/NFSHP2/FrontEnd. (or wherever your HP2 folder is at)
    *Find two .fsh files, namely "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh" and "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh" from the extracted viv and use FSHTool to extract it.
    *Replace textures from the folder "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh", specifically "0004.BMP" and 0004-a.BMP" with the ones from the archive under the folder named "a_logoM.lyr.pcd".
    *Replace textures from the folder "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh", specifically "0012.BMP" and 0012-a.BMP" with the ones from the archive under the folder named "a_logoN.lyr.pcd".
    *Run "index.fsh" so as to update "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh" file.
    *Run "index.fsh" so as to update "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh" file.
    *Go back to VIVMagic, Select "Pack" and choose "GUIart.idx" file to pack.

    Beforehand, PLEASE backup everything.

    And if done correctly, the F50 GT and the logos will replace the existing F50 ones.

    Credits goes out to...
    *Riva for ripping the model/textures from FM3.
    *UCN for the brakes/rotors.


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    Post on Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:28 am by Excelerate

    One of my favourite cars...I'll check it later when I'll get time...

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