2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2]


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    2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2] Empty 2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2]

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    2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2] Th_NFSHP22011-02-2018-24-41-72 2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2] Th_NFSHP22011-02-2017-58-03-78 2010 Pagani Zonda R [NFSHP2] Th_NFSHP22011-02-2017-57-37-92

    2010 Pagani Zonda R

    Pagani at it's finest.

    *Only one livery.
    *NO NFS/Cop skin, sorry.
    *Tuned Performance
    *Pagani manufacturer logo. (OPTIONAL)
    *Zonda R logo. (OPTIONAL)

    Install the car by copying the whole of "Cars" folder to C:/Program Files/EA Games/NFSHP2 or wherever your NFSHP2 folder is at.

    To install the manufacturer and showroom logos, you need VIVMagic and FSHTool.

    *Open up VIVMagic.
    *Click "Unpack".
    *Now unpack "GUIart.viv", from C:/Program Files/EA Games/NFSHP2/FrontEnd. (or wherever your HP2 folder is at)
    *Find two .fsh files, namely "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh" and "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh" from the extracted viv and use FSHTool to extract it.
    *Replace textures from the folder "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh", specifically "0011.BMP" and 0011-a.BMP" with the ones from the archive under the folder named "a_logoM.lyr.pcd".
    *Replace textures from the folder "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh", specifically "0010.BMP" and 0010-a.BMP" with the ones from the archive under the folder named "a_logoN.lyr.pcd".
    *Run "index.fsh" so as to update "a_logoM.lyr.pcd.fsh" file.
    *Run "index.fsh" so as to update "a_logoN.lyr.pcd.fsh" file.
    *Go back to VIVMagic, Select "Pack" and choose "GUIart.idx" file to pack.

    Beforehand, PLEASE backup everything.

    *Replacing the McLaren manufacturer logo will result the F1 LM not to look correctly.

    And if done correctly, the Zonda R and the logos will replace the existing F1 ones.

    Credits goes out to...
    *Riva for ripping the model/textures from FM3.
    *UCN for the brakes/rotors.


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    Great work as always, DR! Very Happy

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